Styrene oxide

PRODUCT NAME Styrene oxide
ODOUR Styrene Oxide has a sweet, pleasant odor, with an odor threshold of about 0.4 ppm
FRAGRANCE USES Styrene oxide is used as a reactive plasticizer or diluent for epoxy resins; in the production of styrene glycol and its derivatives; as a raw material for the production of phenethyl alcohol used in perfumes; as a chemical intermediate for cosmetics, surface coatings, and agricultural and biological chemicals; and in the treatment of fibers and textiles
Appearance An almost colourless to pale yellow liqid.
Specific Gravity 1.054 (measured) @ 25.00º C
Relative Density 1.052 g/mL (calculated) @ 25.00º C
Refractive Index 1.5350
Flash Point (closed cup) 79º C.
STABILITY Unstable - polymerises readily with compounds possessing a labile hydrogen (such as acids and alcohols) in the presence of acids, bases or some salts. Combustible. Incompatible with strong oxidizing agents, acids, bases. Moisture sensitive
STORAGE/SHELF LIFE The Product is stable for 18 months after date of dispatch when stored in well-filled, closed air-tight containers and kept in a dark and cool area.
PACKAGING Standard drums Size: 200 kgs. Deviating packaging sizes are available upon request.
H.S. Number 2910.90.2000
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