Our most popular fragrance products

  • STO
    Styrene oxide
  • DPO
    Diphenyl oxide
    Washing Detergents
    Home Cleaning
  • ACA
    Alpha campholenic aldehyde
    Soap Bars
    Incense Sticks
    Aroma Oil
  • PEA
    Phenyl ethyl alcohol
    Soap Bars
    Reed Sticks Oil
  • SA
    Styrallyl Acetate
    Soap Bars
    Reed Sticks Oil
  • PEME
    Phenyl Ethyl Methyl Ether
    Soap Bars
    Reed Sticks Oil
KDAC CHEM PVT. LTD. was incorporated as Dhruv Aroma Chemicals, in the year 2001 ventured into the terpene technology and developed Alpha Pinene Epoxide And Alpha Campholenic Aldehyde with startup capacity of 10 MT Per Month.

Since than, KDAC has successfully diversified its customer base having a capacity of over 7000 tons per annum of various aroma chemicals and now caters to several leading Global Aroma Chemicals / fragrance companies .

The company's headquarters is in Mumbai,Maharashtra, India and the production / factory / works facility of the company is spread over the area of 12,000 sq mtrs, at Nandesari, Baroda, Gujarat, INDIA.

The company has a high investment in technology,specialized machines and dedicated technical personnel.

KDAC manufacturers and exports products for Big fragrance / Perfumes company.The company products are sourced by customers to market them in the medium to high end segments in the global intimate fragrance market.

  • Quality & Controls
  • Application R&D
  • Latest Infrastructure

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